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Integrated Security:

Not all industrial gate management services are equal in purpose, focus, and delivery. Elite Industrial Services Plant Gate Management services provide the traditional gate management services, when integrated with our other industrial services, it enhances your overall plant safety.

The professionalism of Elite Industrial Services gate management staff establishes how employees and inspectors interpret your overall safety efforts. Our active and integrated approach to industrial safety, medical, rescue and gate management ensures that we truly know you personally–therefore, when a situation calls for professional medical attention, rescue, or advice, you are getting that service from someone you trust.

Gate Security:

It takes more than signage to effectively manage your plant gate entry points. Elite Industrial Services can handle all your gate security and management tasks which includes checking-in employees and vendors, package inspections, phone answering, and helping with plant tours.

Armed Security:

When it comes to understanding the increase in security risks from threats both internal or external, Elite Industrial Services can provide professional armed security personnel.  For client sites with enhanced security concerns, armed security services can provide an increase presence acting as a clear visible deterrent