Who We Are

Phil Jones is the founder and President of Elite Industrial Services. He brings experience and background as a volunteer firefighter, EMT, EMS Director, and law enforcement to Elite

We are a team of safety, emergency medical, and law enforcement professionals committed to providing our clients with the peace of mind and stability they seek when it comes to dealing with industrial plant situations and incidents that, if not properly managed, can greatly damage your reputation and your bottom line.

Elite Industrial Services takes an integrated approach to the services we offer. We feel strongly that the right combination of services, all from one service provider creates a greater sense of trust, understanding, and commitment than traditional ala carte industrial service providers.

All Elite employees are extremely professional, with high expectations of the companies they serve. All of our medical staff are certified, active EMT personnel, so they  can cover a variety of roles to enhance the efficacy of your emergency response needs.

When you contract with Elite Industrial Services, you do not get an outside vendor, rather you gain a valued team member constantly focused on you and your employees’ well being. Our clients acknowledge increased peace of mind as well as greater cost efficiencies due to our ‘active’ commitment.