Safety Consulting & Rescue Services

underneath view of paramamedic team giving first aid to patient
By paying close attention to the training our employees receive, we’ve developed a reputation as experts in various rope rescue situations.

Industrial technical rescue is a necessary and important component of overall plant safety. Finding the right rescue team is a crucial part of any technical rescue plan. Remember, untrained employees attempting a confined space rescue account for 60% of all confined space incident injuries.

Elite Industrial Services rescue personnel and teams have the experience and training to support your Non-entry or Entry rescue situations.  Whether you have confined space, crane, or other rope rescue needs, we can provide the support and services you need.

An advantage of our integrated, on-site approach to overall safety, is that we can be involved from a much deeper perspective. Integrating our EMS, gate management, and safety education with our rescue program, we better understand you plans and rescue policies, know your facility and space, and most importantly, we develop trusted relationships with your people.